Superstar Rajinikanth and Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan on Thursday remembered their mentor and legendary filmmaker K Balachander on his 90th birth anniversary. Rajinikanth in his video statement said - “Today is my ‘guru’ KB sir’s 90th birthday, even if K Balachander sir had not introduced me, I would still have become an actor anyway, I would have acted in Kannada movies as a villain or character roles. So, I would have been a small actor and by this time people would have forgotten me as an actor. With god’s grace, today I am a celebrated actor with fame and money. The main reason for this is K Balachander sir. He chose me, he rechristened me as Rajinikanth and eliminated all my negative attributes and identified my positives to me and made me full-fledged actor and offered me a contract for 4 films when I was nothing. He trained me and gave good roles in all the four films and made an over-night star in the Tamil film industry.  My father and mother, then my brother who brought me up and then K Balachander sir, these four people to me are my gods. Not just me, K Balachander sir has been behind several actors and directors’ success stories. When he was alive, he made so many movies and even television series, directed and produced them and created working opportunities for so many people.  
I have worked with so many directors in my career, even in Hindi, I have worked with Ramesh Sirpi, Subbash Ghai, and Bheem Singh. I have also worked with directors like Mani Ratnam and Shankar but no has had the aura that KB sir had. When KB sir enters the set, not only the actors and technicians, even the Lightman used to greet him with respect, he had that aura that no other director has. I am not saying because he is my guru. He is such a personality. KB sir was such a perfect human being, he was perfect in every aspect, as a son, father, as a husband and as a director in his profession, he was perfect in performing all these duties. I feel died so early; he should have lived longer. Today, on his 90th birthday, I am happy to talk about and his legacy.” Likewise, even Kamal Haasan has issued a statement about his guru and mentor K Balachander. In his statement Kamal Haasan said - “Mr.K.Balachander. A mere name with fame that I heard as a teenager. Who would have thought he would take many roles in the life of an actor like me. Benefactor, mentor, collaborator, father & now when I think of his child like energy, I feel the pride of a father. My salute to this important son of Indian Cinema.” Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan’s full speech video below: