Vanitha Vijayakumar’s wedding with Peter Paul has created enough controversies on social media for various reasons. Post the wedding, people came to know that Peter is yet to be legally divorced or separated from his first wife, Elizabeth Helen, who came out and demanded justice. Elizabeth Helen filed a police complaint against Peter Paul and the wedding, claiming that she is yet to be divorced. Having said that, in a recent YouTube interview with Galatta Media, Elizabeth Helen condemned Vanitha’s attitude on social media.

Elizabeth said that it wasn’t right to post personal intimate pictures (of Vanitha and Peter Paul) on YouTube and other social media streams. She said, “Vanitha very well knows that me and Peter Paul are yet to be legally divorced because before they got married, Peter signed a letter in front of the Police, saying that he wouldn’t marry her until he gets divorced from me. But, I do not know what they thought, they got married in a few days, but the Police never took any action.

Vanitha knows all of these, yet she never had the basic courtesy to wait. When she knows that we are yet to be divorced, she could have told him to wait. If she was a mature woman who had good thoughts, she would have waited. She would have waited until me and my kids got some sort of justice. But, she wanted to rush and finish everything. What is the necessity to rush up and get married during lockdown when the whole world is affected? What is the need to get married when section 144 is imposed?. 

She posts a picture of them kissing, implying that their first night is over. Why is she hurrying everything? YouTube is not a place to post your kissing and intimate photos and videos. Everyone today has access to YouTube and my daughter, who is studying 3rd Std. is showing me that picture. Imagine what would be running inside her mind.

We know actors like Suriya - Jyotika and Ajith - Shalini, but have they shared any of their personal moments on social media? No one would do this. These photos are not meant to be put out on social media. She posts this despite knowing that he (Peter Paul) is someone else’s husband. When me and my son went to a shop one day, a guy asked us if their (Vanitha - Peter) honeymoon video will be released online.

Leave me, but think about the boy. Should he have to listen to all these words? Going by the atrocities that she’s doing, it would be no wonder if she posts a video saying, ‘How to do Sex’ on her channel.” To know more about the entire issue and the ongoing controversy, you can watch the full interview in the link below: