Padmapriya's Himalayan trip

In the few Tamil films that she has done, Padmapriya has proved she is great eye-candy and an even better actress! Her biggest asset is her readiness to try different characters, irrespective of the lack of glamour or otherwise. While she had no qualms in the glam role in Pattiyal, she was equally happy to don the burkha in Pokkisham.

Idrundhu, Sattham Podaathey, Mirugam, Striker, Pazhassi Raja�and Irumbu Kottai Morattu Singam are ample proof of her acting prowess.�Now the dusky beauty�wants to do an out and out commercial film. “I am a great fan of humour. And I want to be part of a masala entertainer which would be a romantic comedy. I would like to break the myth that I am fit only for serious roles,” the actress said.

Padmapriya recently spent 11 days atop the Himalayas with a group of trekkers. And she is thrilled about the experience. “Only after visiting the Himalayas did I realise why Rajni sir is so simple and humble. One can know the truth of life if they spend some days in the divine place. I was neither able to have a bath nor brush my teeth for six days as the mist and rains were heavy and we couldn’t move out of the tent in which we were staying. I took a lot of cosmetics and costumes with me while climbing the mountain. When coming down, I realised these things could only give artificial happiness and that a single set of clothes is enough for a person,” she added.