In a shocking turn of events, popular Malayalam dubbing artist, Ruby Babu, and her partner, Sunil, were found hanging in their rented house near Pangappara. The news has sent shock waves across the people of Kerala and the Police are said to have begun the investigations. Sunil and Ruby Babu have reportedly been in a live-in relationship for the last one year. Of late, they supposedly had several issues in the relationship. On the evening of May 29 (Saturday), Ruby Babu committed suicide by hanging herself in the couple's rented house. Sunil, who was completely taken aback seeing this, immediately called his friend and informed about Ruby Babu's suicide.

Additionally, he also told his friend that he would also commit suicide very soon. Hearing this, the friend informed the Police and they immediately rushed to the location, only to see both of them dead. According to reports, Ruby was hanging in her bedroom on the ground floor, while Sunil was found hanging in the bedroom on the second floor. Reports also suggest that the families of Ruby and Sunil were not aware of their relationship. A case has been filed by Sreekaryam Police and an investigation has begun on the deaths.

J Binod Kumar, the SI of Sreekaryam Police, said, "So far, there is no mystery. However, a probe is on. Ruby was a dubbing artist in serials while Sunil was working in a private firm". Sunil was 45 years old and he was from Vanchiyoor. Ruby Babu, who dubs for Malayalam serials, was 35 years old. Further details regarding the case are awaited.