Thilak who happens to be one of Kamal Haasan’s party member passed away today, 10th June due to COVID-19. The Corona Virus has been ravaging across the world for quite some time now and Tamil Nadu is currently in the second place on the list of most affected States in India. The number of people testing positive for the Virus is going up with each passing day. Even the lockdown rules have been relaxed in most place in the country but the death rate, on the other hand, is rising steeply. Earlier today, we lost a dynamic leader J Anbazhagan due to COVID-19 and now we hear the death news of Kamal Haasan’s MAIAM party member Thilak. 
Kamal Haasan has issued an audio statement for the death of Thilak which says - “Without any political ambitions, just for sake of people’s welfare, Thilak who joined MAIAM is an identity of the party. He is a root of our MAIAM society, an integral part of our family who is now no more. The highly dangerous COVID disease has separated him from us. I express my deepest condolences to his family and my party members. Thilak lived as an adherent and died as an adherent.” Kamal Haasan’s Makkal Needhi Maiam was founded on 21 February 2018. This party is estimated to have around 5,500 office bearers at present.