Maanja Velu music review: get ready for the action!

First comes 'Munneru Munneru', which�begins with�some amazing instrumentation. It is a fast beat peppy number rendered by Ranjith and Naveen; great singing by the duo in this mass introduction song with folk beats. Perfect blend between the lyrics and rhythms gives a typical Mani Sharma effect!

'Unnai Nenaicha Utharal', a youthful dance number rendered by Rahul Nambiar, is a remixed version of an old Telugu song but the innovative instrumentation adds a new flavour to the song. The English rap in between will definitely entertain the youths.

Then comes the title song 'Maanja Velu', rendered wonderfully by Sujatha and Tippu. It is also a fast paced catchy number and has a beautiful blend of many instruments. 'Oh My Dear', as the line says, it is a duet –�a fast-paced duet. The opening techno beat is definitely a treat for the ears. Ranjith and Saindhavi have rendered it in style. The slow bit in between makes the song very interesting. Great music!

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'Ooril Ulla Uriye Galella', a slow-paced solo song rendered by Karthik, has some great lyrics by veteran Vaali. Karthik's voice has a classy feel which makes the song more meaningful. The song takes us to different moods and narrates the importance of relationships, love and unity.

'Maanja Velu Remix': When we say remix, we tend to expect some fast beats, racy, techno beats and amplified sound. But Mani Sharma stands out here; he has remixed it with some extraordinay traditional beats. The song takes us to the black and white era. And to top�it is the voice of Mukesh and Priya Subramanian. Perfect singing from the duo!

On the whole, an amazing fast-paced peppy album with some extraordinary music!

Cast: Arun Vijay, Karthik Muthuraman, Prabhu, Dhanshika.

Music: Mani Sharma

Label: Junglee Music