Three men including a popular Kannada televison actor were arrested on Saturday after a case was filled against them for raping two women. The accused were identified as actor Rakesh, cab driver Manikantha, and paani pooji seller Surya who are all friends from Koramangala.

According to reports, the assault happened on May 12th when the two women had ordered food online and were waiting for the food to be delivered. As they heard a knock on the door, the women presumed that it was the food delivery man and opened the door. The women were shocked to see three men standing outside their door and even before they realise the danger the three men barged in and sealed the door. The accused reportedly terrorised the women with knifes and sexually assaulted them. They further threaned to harm them again if they told anyone about the incident. 

Scared by the incident, the women kept the matter quiet but later with the support of their friends they filed a case against the three men last Friday. The police have registered a case of gang rape and accused will be produced at the court soon.