Gnabagangal: On location photos!

Gnabagangal, scripted by award-winning lyricist Pa. Vijay, is the film he debuts as hero. Gnabagangal is directed by Jeevan; the camerawork�is also handled by him. Sridevika is the heroine. What does Gnabagangal deal with? It is an emotional film made for commercial cinema lovers. But Gnabagangal has an enthralling mix of sentiments, romance, action and comedy that will impresse even the cinematic stunt and showbiz fans. The movie will have something for every category of viewers. Pa. Vijay appears as Meerapriyan, a poet in the film. Music is by James Wick. 'Gnabagam Marandhu Pocha', a song in SPB's voice is expected to become a chart-topper. Want to know more? Check out: