Vanitha Vijayakumar’s wedding with Peter Paul has created enough controversies on social media for various reasons. Post the wedding, people came to know that Peter is yet to be legally divorced or separated from his first wife, Elizabeth Helen, who came out and demanded justice. Elizabeth Helen filed a police complaint against Peter Paul and the wedding, claiming that she is yet to be divorced. Having said that, in a recent YouTube interview with Galatta Media, Elizabeth Helen talked about Peter Paul, revealing how he’s been involved in such affair cases before as well.

She said, “A few years before, there was another affair problem that we had and during that time, Peter Paul told me to fight with her, whom he was in a relationship with. She was a back dancer in 10 Endradhukkulla movie and they met each other when the film’s shoot was happening at Nepal. Peter told that he belongs to the one who wins in the fight (between Elizabeth and the back dancer girl).

I was shocked. But, I have seen the different sides of him, unlike Vanitha who knows him only for the past 7-8 months. Peter has already been involved in many affair cases before and this isn’t new.

Elizabeth also questioned why Peter Paul isn’t coming out and talking about this issue since this whole controversy is only about him. She claimed that he is hiding behind Vanitha and making her do everything. She said, “The main problem is between me and Peter Paul, but he never comes out and talks about it. Other than him, everyone else gets voluntarily involved and talks for us. He is really scared to face all the issues and that is why he stays away from it. Even for the one time when he came to the Police Station, he came with a set of lawyers and legal team and was scared to visit alone.

I wonder what Vanitha knows about him. She says he’s a teetotaller and says he doesn’t even eat non-vegetarian foods, but we see a video where she gives him a KFC chicken. She has known him only for the past few months and in this short span of time, she goes to this extent. I’ve been with him for close to 20 years and I know what she doesn’t know.” To know more about the entire issue and the ongoing controversy, you can watch the full interview in the link below: