Arya is currently producing director Jeeva Shankar's Amara Kaaviyam, under his banner - The Show People. This movie, starring Arya's brother Sathya and Mia George is a period romance, set in the 1980's. Recently, the Amara Kaaviyam team met the press and spoke about their movie. Talking at this event, director Jeeva Shankar revealed a few interesting tidbits! Here they are...

1. Jeeva Shankar stated that he was one of the people who approved Arya for his role in his debut movie - Ullam Ketkumey, in which he was assisting the movie's director Jeeva.

2. Director Jeeva had asked Jeeva Shankar to help Arya practice his acting skills.

3. It was Jeeva Shankar who once saw Sathya as a college student and suggested that he too could become an actor.

4. Arya was a tad upset with Jeeva Shankar for suggesting acting as a career to Sathya, stating that it might lead him to concentrate less on his studies.

5. On Sathya's request, Jeeva Shankar himself shot Sathya's first ever Photo Shoot, on the terrace of their house, that too without Arya's knowledge.

Sounds interesting right? Let's wait and see how Amara Kaaviyam, under the combination of this trio has come out!