The third promo for tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 3 is out and shows Sandy going on video call with his daughter and his wife, Sylvia, whom he had married in 2017. We see in this new Bigg Boss 3 promo Sandy getting quite emotional and unable to control his tears upon getting to see his daughter and speak to her and his wife after their appearance on the show last month during the Family Entry week. Then, we see Sandy’s wife come on the screen for which he pokes fun at her in a subtle manner leaving them both smiling while also breaking the tension that had seeped between them. Sandy has been a fan favorite among fans in the ongoing third edition of Bigg Boss and had also during yesterday’s episode gone on to speak about how he had managed to survive in the house for a period of over 100 days. With the Bigg Boss 3 finals set to take place later this weekend, it now remains to be seen whether Sandy will emerge triumphant as the winner among the other contenders namely Mugen, Sherin and Losliya.

Check out the new Bigg Boss 3 promo along with screenshots below:

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