Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic, the Indian government announced a nation-wide lockdown on March 25th. This lockdown was extended to the second phase till May 3rd, on April 15th. However, with the number of people being affected by the Corona Virus was not coming down, the lockdown was extended to a third, fourth and fifth phase, till July 1st. Even now things have not become normal, the cases of COVID-19 are only increasing each and every day in Tamil Nadu. Today, the affected number of Corona cases has inched close to 5 thousand mark. But the government is a stage where they cannot extend the lockdown beyond this point as many people are suffering to meet their every day ends meet. India with such vast demography and a teeming population, our nation has been facing a number of other issues too, brought on by this Corona Virus. Film industry and the small-scale industry is no exception to this. The television sector and other media industry have seen a rise in the TRP but they have all taken huge hit terms of the advertisement revenues. With no fresh reality shows or new serials to telecast, the focus for the TV channels was on to telecast old movies. All TV channels have exhausted all their movies by now and have been repeating their movies again and again. Top Tamil heroes old films are still gaining good viewership; hence they are been on repeat mode.  
Recently a data claiming that Vijay’s movies had the most TRP during the lockdown nationwide followed by Raghava Lawrence and Rajinikanth’s films. Even Bollywood and Tollywood film stars like Akshay Kumar and Prabhas’ movies had lesser TRP in the list. The data had Broadcast Audience Research Council of India’s logo on it. Media and fans thought it was an official data but BARC India has now issued a clarification stating the data is false - “It has come to our attention that people are posting false data using BARC India's logo. This is a serious breach and an offence. Please refer to data only published by BARC India and republished or shared by others using the official data. Kindly note, we would like to intercept this, as this data isn't published or shared by BARC India. Only consider data published by BARC India's official accounts and website as authentic. BARC India doesn't stand by this data neither has this been verified by us. Our logo has been used to promote this false claim.”