With the stage set for its release on February 16, the horror thriller Nagesh Thiraiyarangam is generating quite a lot of curiosity among fans. Produced by Transindia Media & Entertainment Private Limited under Mohamad Issack’s direction and music by Srikanth Deva, the film is coming out on screens after a long time. 

Aari, who plays the hero in the film will be seen as a real estate agent. 

Actor Ashna Zaveri plays the main female lead in this horror film that revolves around a haunted theatre.

Masoom Shankar, a noted Kathak dancer turned actor has been cast as the second female lead in Nagesh Thiraiyarangam.

Aari has a sister in the film in the form of Athulya, who appears as both deaf and dumb.

Meanwhile, promotions for Nagesh Thiraiyarangam began last week with the team taking time for an exclusive interview with Galatta.

During the interview, it was revealed that Mumbai-based model turned actor Ashna Zaveri pulled off something most female stars will not entertain even as a suggestion. Apparently, during the shoot of Nagesh Thiraiyarangam she had agreed for a costume change without a caravan and during travel in a public restroom that most people would not use. 

Actor Aari further stated heroines from Mumbai usually demand a big sum for salary and producers apart from the pay spend a lot for their stay, commute and expenses during production. Ashna Zaveri’s efforts outdo all that as she is said to have performed quite well for her role in the film. 

This is quite astounding as Ashna has also set a benchmark on diving into making all ends meet for her role in Nagesh Thiraiyarangam