Earlier in the week, we had reported that the Chinese government had allowed theatres to reopen in the country after 2-month lockdown. Around 600 theatres had reopened in China for the past 10 days and now the government of China has ordered to close all the theatres and stop all trading until further notice. It is believed that China believes a possible second wave of coronavirus pandemic. The theatres had plans to bring in the crowd by screening blockbuster classic films like Avatar and Harry Potter but unfortunately, they have been forced to halt their plans for a few more days. 
Although the business had been minimal for the theatre owners it was still a relief after a two long lockdown. All profits from the screening were due to go to the theatre owners, with producers and distributors waiving their cut. China reporting its first locally-transmitted coronavirus case in the past 3 days might be one of the reasons for the government to order theatres to close again. There were 55 new cases across China on Thursday 54 of them from overseas. China has announced a temporary ban on all foreign visitors, even if they have visas or residence permits.