Biker Alisha Abdullah known as India’s first female national racing champion was recently appointed as the Tamil Nadu State Women President of National Human Rights Anti Crime and Anti Corruption Bureau. Alisha took to her social media page to let her fans know that she will be taking up the position and she has huge responsibilities to carry forward. In her statement, Alisha Abdullah said - “Very happy to Appoint 200 members under our Organisation.. Being the president of Tamil Nadu of anti crime, anti corruption and human rights (Listed by central government) I have huge responsibilities to carry forth from here on... 🙏🏻” She has been active on social media in the recent times posting awareness photos and videos during this corona crisis. 
Veteran journalist and actor Bayilvan Ranganathan has now released news video connecting Ajith’s involvement in Alisha Abdullah’s new post as the president of anti-crime, anti-corruption, and human rights. In his video statement for a popular media portal, Bayilvan Ranganathan said - “Ajith’s very close friend, Alisha Abdullah has been appointed as the Tamil Nadu’s president of anti-crime, anti-corruption and human rights. The post was offered to Alisha by the Central Government of India. However, Alisha did not take the central government for this honour, instead, she thanked her close friend Ajith Kumar. She went to Ajith Kumar’s house immediately after getting the appointment order and even fell on Ajith’s feet to thank him.” Bayilvan Ranganathan further added that Ajith Kumar and Alisha Abdullah became thick friends since both of them are bike racers and they share a lot of common interests. 
This statement of Bayilvan Ranganathan didn’t go well with Alisha Abdullah who has gone all guns blazing against the anchor as well as the media channel for carrying false news about Ajith and her. Her tweet reads as follows - “I will not tolerate such nonsense.. how can #k****m Spk such crap.. spoiling such a big stars name Mr Ajith sir.. and dragging me into this gossip! Pls stop all this! Stop Spoiling names like this #AjithKumar #stoprumour.” It must be noted that Biker Alisha Abdullah has also acted in a film called Irumbu Kuthirai which had Atharvaa and Priya Anand in the lead.