Oviya is known for acting in films like Kalavani, Marina, Manmadan Ambu, Kalakalappu, Moodar Koodam, Madha Yaanai Koottam, Yaamirukka Bayamey, 144, etc. However, she got her biggest breakthrough with her participation in the first season of Bigg Boss and she earned a humongous fan base through the show. Post the show, she has been getting a lot of interesting offers and she also made her debut as a solo lead with the adult comedy film, 90 ML. Having said this, Oviya recently asked her Twitter followers if the Bigg Boss Tamil show needs to be banned and she received a lot of answers.

During the interaction, she said that the makers of the show should not torture the contestants to the extent of making them trying to commit suicide. Following that, Oviya has now made a few more shocking revelations about the show which has gone viral among the fans. Oviya said that the channel or the makers should show some mercy towards the contestants. Talking about it, she tweeted, “A contract paper should not be the license to put someone in mental trauma or make dem commit suicide.every life matters! I'm not saying to ban the show. atleast show some mercy sir!we are all human”.

When one of her followers questioned her about being silent all these years, she said that the channel projected her as a mentally unstable person during her elimination, claiming that the people wouldn’t have believed her at that time. She adds that even now, she is confessing about it only for her personal satisfaction. She tweeted, “How can I say this sir. Dey ve already declared I was mentally unstable when I left the show.. now also I'm saying this for my satisfaction. I kno nothing a gonna change In this toxic manipulative world of cooperative companies”.

She also stated that she doesn’t want to see another Sushant Singh Rajput in Tamil Nadu. “I dnt want to see another sushanth in tamilnadu .. vitiduge.. it's my mistake”, tweeted Oviya. Well, it looks like Oviya has indeed been through a lot of mental pressure and depression during the show and that is why she seems to be opening up about it now. These allegations against Bigg Boss has come as a shocker for a lot of people who thought it is just another show for entertainment.

Talking about Bigg Boss, the fourth season should have been on progress right now, if the Corona scenario had not occurred. The makers are said to be waiting for the pandemic to end so that the show can be started. You can check out Oviya’s tweets below:

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