On the 28th of May, it was reported that Kannada television actress Chandana had committed suicide by drinking poison after her boyfriend of 5 years refused to marry her. She even filmed herself while drinking poison and sent it to her boyfriend and also her family. The news made the headlines only after 2 days of her death. Chandana and her boyfriend Dinesh were in a long-time relationship and both the families knew about it. Everything was ok until Dinesh refused to marry Chandana. It is reported that he had allegedly promised to get hitched with her and the families have earlier initiated talks for the marriage. Supposedly when Chandana and her family went to Dinesh’s house to talk about their marriage, they were ill-treated and Chandana’s character was questioned by Dinesh’s parents which apparently prompted Chandana to take her own life. 
In regards to this case, the Police have been trying to reach Dinesh to question to him but he apparently got away. The absconding boyfriend has now been arrested by police department. Dinesh, who was missing since the day Chandana committed suicide, has now been taken into police custody for questioning at Suddagunte Police Station. An FIR has been filed against Dinesh and his family.