Aadhi: From Mirugam to Ayyanar

The transformation of a crude ruffian (Mirugam) to a police officer (Eeram) did not happen in a day for Aadhi. Be it in any avatar Aadhi doesn’t fail to surprise you. Now Aadhi is getting ready with his third flick Ayyanar. And this time, he plays a coach.

“It’s a commercial film with an interesting storyline. I play a sportsperson who is trying for a railways job through the sports quota. The movie has all the commercial elements and these have been included in the film because the script requires them. Such elements have not been forcefully incorporated in the movie,” he said to a leading English daily.

“The decision to do Ayyanar was a conscious one. After Eeram, I didn’t want to do something loud. I wanted to do a commercial film. Ayyanar, directed by Rajamitran, has a strong storyline that revolves around two brothers. I thought this was the right project to do after Mirugam and Eeram,” he revealed.

Interestingly in Mirugam, Aadhi's character name was Ayyanar and now, his third film’s title also goes by the same name! “While watching the first half, you’ll think about why we named it Ayyanar. But in the�second half, you’ll know why they named it so. In the rural areas, Ayyanar is a diety who forces people to correct their mistakes. My role in the film too is somewhat similar,”he added.