Galatta Wonder Women Awards saw many sparkling stars; we thought we'd get used to the celebrities enough to not be starstruck every time somebody walked in. But when Sangeetha Vijay walked in looking like the epitome of dignity and grace, we fell over ourselves trying to make her comfortable. We know how Thalapathy turns a bouncer for his lady every single time she attends a programme with him and we weren't about to let her feel out of place while accepting our laurels. What we didn't see coming is the undemanding, almost quiet personality that Sangeetha Vijay is.

sangeetha Vijay

For starters, the madame arrived early and happily let us bustle around her a while before settling down to watch the programme. There was a smile as she watched the show and she was seated next to Archana Kalpathi, the creative producer of Vijay's much-hyped upcoming movie, Bigil. When she did walk up the stage to accept the 'Unheralded Commander' award, the crowd went crazy greeting their 'anni'. She accepted the award from the 'Evergreen Empress' Simran and almost shied away from the microphone but paid heed to our pleading for her to speak a few words.

sangeetha vijay

Even though she said just a sentence, in gratitude for the recognition, the audience kept quiet to listen and then began cheering nonstop till the ladies got back to their seats. The catcalls based on the little we know about Bigil seem to entertain her vastly - there was a hint of a smile on her face every time a 'Bigil catcall' rose from the audience.

galatta wow awards

Sangeetha gave us the satisfaction of looking happy through the entirety of the time she spent at the Galatta Wonder Women awards show. The lady left within an hour of receiving her award, but not without watching the program with a smile and occasional applause for a while.

sangeetha vijay