The story in Zombie as such is not very deep as 6 strangers fight their way out of a zombie-infested resort. A sudden outbreak of a virus attack that proves dangerous. What happens because of that is what Zombie is all about. The film begins on a normal mode with three friends sharing their sorrows to one another, then for no reason they end up getting locked inside a resort filled with zombies. The characters are minimal and not one scene is funny, it is always less annoying or very annoying. The first half although a tad slow gave a lead to a promising second half. After setting up the premise, when things seem to be normal and when you expect the director to get into the story, he throws a googly at you and from then onwards, it gets so annoying to watch till the pre-interval. The first half travels in a path that is not at all engaging, and you expect the second half to be better but sadly it only gets worse. 

The second half turns out to be clueless just like the first half and you start wondering what the director’s intentions are. This is definitely disappointing for a story that hardly hard an evenly paced momentum and an intrigue factor. There are a few questions that remain unexplained although the film ends with a hint to the second part. Perhaps, the answers may come in the sequel. Performances are pretty average, looked the casts were finalized only with the intention to evoke laughter and nothing else. You can never feel fear in the eyes of the actors which makes you feel like watching parody. 

Gopi and Sudhakaran are two YouTube sensations we have loved seeing for years but it was hard seeing them as actors on screen. We do get used to them slowly and they are fairly convincing in most frames. Yashika is used to fill in the glam quotient but sadly she does not have much screen time for the audience to revel in her beauty. The film would surely have hit the right kind of impact had it been funny and a little more convincing. The makers must have handled things more effectively and provided logical justification to all those puzzles and tangles even though it is just a no-brainer comedy.

Yogi Babu as a gangster brings a chuckle here and there. Yashika Anand does have a role of substance as a research student. There are different sub-genres in the zombie films and in this film, we find the horror variety that tries to evoke laughter. There is hardly a scene where you get terrorized with these affected people pouncing on the screen. Cheating zombies but faking like them is the height of madness. The make-up artistes deserve credit for showing some authenticity without being tacky in most places. The BGM is loud in a few places that could have been taken care of.