Ashok (Vikranth), Selva (Suseenthiran) and their two friends are in desperate need of money and rob a bank. However, their escape becomes eventful when cops surround them and while escaping they get trapped inside a very crowded locality. Heavily armed but hurt badly, Ashok, Selva and the gang are pursued inside the colony by the Police, who have also roped in Army snipers to hunt them down. Commissioner Ibrahim (Mysskin), who was injured during a fight with Ashok and Selva, is willing to go to any extent to bring down the gang. Meanwhile, a gang of deadly terrorists inside the same locality are planning a massive bomb blast. Watch what happens next in Suttu Pidikka Utharavu (SPU), at the theatres...

Director Ramprakash Rayappa, who has earlier directed Jiiva & Sibiraj in Pokkiri Raja, is back with an action packed bank heist story in SPU. Right from scene one, the movie has high octane action sequences. Car chases, public shootouts, gun toting robbers, Policemen with shoot-at-sight orders, bomb manufacturing terrorists; there is all this and more in SPU. However, the way all of these have come together, leaves a lot to be wanted. Even when shooting at point blank range, most of the bullets seem to conveniently miss the robbers. The whole Athulya-Rithish episode seems force-fit and doesn't come across as natural. However, it does aid in the story coming together. After a while, the screenplay fails to engage and just goes meandering across.

However, the way the director has tied up all the ends in the climax is commendable. Though there do seem to be some logical misses, with the explanation and the turning point most of the events in the first half seem acceptable. Vikranth is not required to do much but he does what is expected of him. Mahima doesn't have much to do in the movie, either. Mysskin as Commissioner Ibrahim is very good and has played an impatient senior Police official wanting to nab his criminals, very aptly. Director Suseenthiran, who is making his debut as an actor in this movie, is a revelation. He has done a very good job and is very natural. Athulya and Rithish are ok for their roles while Baby Manasvi has delivered yet another beautiful performance as Smittu. However, the viewers are left confused when Ashwin speaks with a Coimbatore dialect in places but forgets to use it at other times.

Cinematographer Sujith Sarang should be commended for his job as there are a lot of crowd sequences that have been very well shot and some of the shots in very narrow lanes and also the roof-top chasing sequences have been canned very well. Jakes Bejoy's music is apt for the story and keeps in tune with the visuals. Special kudos to Dinesh Kasi for the action choreography, as it has been very well done. An even crisper screenplay with a more convincingly shot climax would have surely helped the movie. Suttu Pidikka Utharavu is produced by PK Ram Mohan for Kalpataru Pictures.