Lisaa (Anjali) is a young girl who wants to get her widowed mother (Kalyani Natarajan) remarried, before she leaves for the USA. She takes off with her junior Jagadeesh aka Jaggu (Sam Jones), to meet her estranged grandparents, who live in the "Western Ghats" and get their approval for their daughter's remarriage! When Lisaa and Jaggu get to her grandparents place, they meet an odd couple. It is not just the couple but everything around the house that is strange. When odd occurrences begin transpiring, Lisaa and Jaggu are left wondering as to what is happening. Is there a supernatural force at work? What exactly is going on? Watch Lisaa for the answers...

Raju Viswanath seems to have started out with the intention of making an emotional thriller with supernatural elements but it looks like he's lost the plot. Total disconnect between the characters, very poor writing and almost all that can go wrong have done so. The relationship links are not detailed and just randomly pop out of nowhere. The comedy has fallen way below flat. Good performers like Brahmanandam, Surekha Vani, Kalyani Natarajan and Mime Gopi are completely wasted. An actor of the calibre of Makarand Deshpande has been completely let down by the writing and his portrayal of an eccentric, ageing guy, seems very artificially staged. The entire episode of Yogi Babu appearing in this movie seems unwanted and deviates from the storyline.

Amongst the performances, only Anjali seems to have done justice or rather only she seems to have been given clarity about her role. Sam Jones looks completely lost and out of place and his emoting definitely could have been better. The characters establishment has been done haphazardly and lacks conviction with the viewers finding the on-screen happenings too weird and out of place. The placement of a song seems to have been done for the sake of it.

The message at the end of the story, though well-meant, looks to have been very force-fitted. Anjali is the only saving grace in the movie and she looks fresh and carries off her role well. Music adds to the spooks and chills of the narrative and the visuals are good except for some jarring movements in some scenes. Though the movie is not too lengthy, a lot more could have been edited out to make the movie crisper.