Aramm Movie Review When the movie ends, the audience give a standing ovation to the filmmaker Gopi Nainar but as a matter of fact, it should also go to the production house KJR studios which agreed to make such a meaningful, non-commercial flick in the first place.

The state of Tamil Nadu is engrossed in lots of issues ranging from methane gas, illegal sand smuggling to water issues and many more. The entire team of Aramm receives a big salute for not showing the glossy malls or the love affair of the lead cast but directly jumps into the burning issues of the state.

Nayanthara is the district collector who is being interrogated by her superior for her decisions made during a rescue operation. The flashback narrative is very engaging as it begins with the Ramachandran Durairaj’s family and the bond he shares with his three children. Things go completely out of control when his daughter falls into a deep borewell pit that is more than 100 feet leading to multiple failed rescue operations.

Throughout the storyline, there are so many thought provoking and hard-hitting punch dialogs uttered by Pazhani Pattalam who is a famous guy from Vijay TV’s shows. His dialogs make the audience clap even before they know it but as expected the lead star Nayanthara steals the show but in the most subtle manner.

Director Gopi Nainar has seamlessly brought the actress out of Nayanthara who sheds every glamorous look and is respectable as the collector facing an immediate crisis. Her body language, authority and the emotional touch to a village’s problem makes everyone root for her character till the very end. She single handedly carries the story without the need for a hero in it.

The supporting cast are equally strong with actors like Pazhani Pattalam, Vela Ramamoorthy and especially the Kakka Muttai boys Vignesh, Ramesh who has minimal yet memorable roles. Aramm’s Gopi owe a lot to his technical team, camera man Om Prakash, editor Ruben and excellent background score by Ghibran.

Om Prakash may have had a tough time portraying some scenes that happen inside the dark well and Ruben edits the movie whenever needed to keep the single incident interesting to watch. At times, Aramm tends to go high on being a melodrama with many social messages and political bashes but for the majority of the audience and Kollywood, this kind of change is warranted which is what director Gopi delivers without making even the slightest commercial compromise.

Thumbs Up

• A rocking and realistically good performance by Nayanthara is the very root of Aramm

• Excellent choice of supporting characters and their portrayal of innocent villagers

• Camera work by Om Prakash is one of the best without any quick cuts

• Director Gopi’s social message and how it has been carried out in an entire movie

Thumbs Down

• The entire film is based on a single incident and does get repetitive at times but the real message behind it justifies this minor flaw

Verdict – Racy script shouldered by Nayanthara’s strong presence and hard-hitting dialogs make Aram a clear winner!