Rajamanikyam in Kannada

Malayalam superstar Mammootty's Rajamanikyam (2005) directed by Anwar Rasheed was the biggest hit�produced in the history of Malayalam cinema! It collected almost eight crores in just 60 days and around four crores from the three metros alone. With this out-and-out comedy thriller, Mammootty broke all myths and rumours that he cannot dance or do comedy roles; he proved his ability to handle humorous roles marvellously and dance superbly.

Rajamanikyam is now being remade in Kannada as Nane Bere, Enna Style Bere by Malayalee director Dinesh Babu, who has directed many super hit Kannada films�including Gargasa. Kannada superstar Vishnuvardhan will play the lead role; young star Rajesh and Lekshmi Hedge will appear in important roles.

Rajamanikyam is the story of a buffalo dealer Bellary Raja alias Rajamanikyam (Mammootty) who tries to unite his warring siblings. The film begins in a village in South Kerala bordering Tamil Nadu, abode of a wealthy man, Raja Rathnam Pillai (Saikumar). Following the demise of his first wife, Raja Rathnam marries Muthu Lakshmi Ammal. But he is unaware that his new wife already has a son, Muthu. On the night of the wedding, Muthu knocks at the door of Raja Rathnam and�asks for his mother. But Muthu Lakshmi denies the fact that Muthu is her own son.

When Raja Rathnam comes to know the truth, he adopts Muthu without the knowledge of Muthu Lakshmi and renames him Rajamanikyam. Later, when Raja Rathnam's son kills a child in the village, Rajamanikyam takes the blame and leaves the village. After several years, Raja Rathnam's two grown-up children, Rajaselvam (Manoj K. Jayan) and Rani Rathnam (Sindhu Menon), start fighting for their father's wealth. Rajaselvam, aided by his childhood buddy Simon Nadar (Renjith), sets up a plan to frame his own father in a murder case. As a result, Raja Rathnam is arrested but dies of a heart attack on the way to prison.

After his death, the two siblings call the family lawyer to read out Raja Rathnam's will in public. But to their utmost surprise, they find that all�their father's assets�have been given to Rajamanikyam, a buffalo dealer in Bellary. They fail to realize Bellary Raja is none other than Rajamanikyam. How Rajamanikyam returns to his home town to unite the warring siblings forms the rest of the story.