Noted playback singer Abhaya Hiranmayi has been at the centre of a storm over her alleged relationship with Malayalam music composer Gopi Sunder. Now, on Valentine’s Day, the singer has clarified on her relationship saying that they are in a living-together relationship for last eight years.

Sunder has been trapped in legal issues over his marriage, revealed the singer.  The singer had crooned mostly in Malayalam and Telugu films.

Read her full post: 

2008 to 2019...,...I never came open about my relationship status even though we publicly appear many times Yes I am in a relationship with a married man (who is legally trapped in a marriage )and living together for 8 years. Yes I am not married to anyone before and we have a age difference of 12 years Yes he is a big man in size and I am a tiny tot near him We have our differences in many ways yet living happily and living our moment in the present. So the yellow channels and newspapers either can call me “keep”or “kamuki”...or the kulasthree (ideal woman)can judge me as “family tarnisher” I am tired of running away,can’t b scared anymore ... So the judgement is open on my page and @gopisundar__official Page Letz see your pongala “ here or my pongala”on Attukal is better.will pray for everyone.”