Mohanlal plays a superhero kind of character named Odiyan. He has shapeshifting abilities and a part of his life is the crux of the story.

The protagonist’s role is different and not a much-seen one. The idea to narrate this film in a mysterious back and forth way is appreciable, as it holds to an extent in the initial stages. Mohanlal’s character lacks clarity and the problem is not only in the execution but also in the writing level a confusion prevailed throughout the portrayal. The treatment kept on shifting its gear and the consistency in engagement goes missing.

The base looks complicated, especially when the hero worshipping is done beyond the limit at the beginning, but the content seems to be very usual when the truth gets revealed. The progression is extremely slow and the movie is dragged to a huge extent with so many flashbacks, long-drawn-out action scenes, and an unimpressive emotional track. The dialogues are dramatic and in fact, they are predictable at places. The director’s calculation has misfired by a large gap as nowhere the things fell at the right place and serving gets boring as the film progresses.

Mohanlal has played his part nicely and his efforts are evident on screen. Prakash Raj is the antagonist and his characterization is not strongly sketched, the impact stays on the ground level. The remaining characters have enough screen space but they don’t make any difference to the conflict as the presentation is mediocre.

Songs are strictly average and the duet track placement towards the end is a blunder. The background music of Sam.C.S is somewhat convincing but the repetitive factor is a bit high. The camera work is neat as the movie is visually satisfying. The movie at least needs to be trimmed by 20-30mins and a runtime of around 170 minutes is extremely long for this product. Stunt choreography was artificial and fantasy element is nowhere believable. Visual effects could have also made in a more realistic manner.

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