The rivalry between Thala - Thalapathy has been one of the biggest that the Indian cinema has ever witnessed and the battle has seen many highs and lows. The rivalry is also a healthy one in some ways and can help the actors to excel as well. 


Apart from the fans rivalry, both Ajith and Vijay have been proving their friendship meeting at shooting spots from time to time and there is even a story that both the stars along with their families get together for some dinner time as well.



And now, an old video of Thala Ajith and Thalapathy Vijay attending popular actor Arun Pandian’s 50th birthday in 2008 is making rounds on social media.  Ajith attended the function along with his wife and then small daughter Anusha and Vijay also came along with his wife Sangeetha. Both the stars got along well as Vijay spent some time with Ajith's daughter which gave the camera some of the cutest moments of Vijay.



Here is the viral video,


Thala and Thalapathy in a single video PAKKA MASS