Jolly Days: on the way to become a hit

Jolly Days, released a week ago, is on the fast track to become a success.�Based on the lives of eight college students, it�is drawing huge�crowds and at this rate, the film will soon be declared a hit. Jolly Days is also getting rave reviews from the media which is greatly helping the film. It is becoming a rage among�college students hanker for a good campus-based film.

Jolly Days is the remake of the Telugu film Happy Days and features eight youngsters playing college students. The film does not boast of big stars but the story and�style of narration�are making it the favourite of the masses.

Director M.D. Sridhar is a happy man since Jolly Days, after an initial hiccup, is doing very well. Since it did not have big star cast to boost it, it took a couple of days to pick up momentum. H.D. Gangaraju is the producer.