Popular actress Haripirya will be seen in a super bold avatar in her upcoming film Neer Dose. The actress has revealed how he landed in that role and what is her role like.


"Back then, when I had heard Ramya was going to play a call girl in Neer Dose, I was excited about it. In spite of being a senior actress in the industry, she had never attempted such a role before and I was waiting to watch the film. But things turned around so much that now I am playing it. It was initially difficult to accept such a role, considering my onscreen image, also, the way I am in real life is very different from what Kumuda (the name of her character) is. She is so bold and carefree, smokes and drinks wears just about any kind of clothes she deems fit. I had a series of discussions with friends, family and well-wishers before I decided I had to do my bit to play all kinds of characters," says Haripriya.


Jaggesh is playing the male lead in the film. Vijaya Prasad is wielding the megaphon