Dwarakish Geleyara Gumpu inaugurated by Dr. Shanthaveera Swamiji

The inauguration of Dwarakish Geleyara Gumpu took place on 10th October at Gayana Samaja, K.R. Road, Bangalore. Dr. Shanthaveera Swamiji of Sri Koladha Mata presided over the function.

This function marked the golden jubilee of Dwarkish in Kannada cinema as actor, producer and director. His films are cherished and well received by one and all. Dwarakish Geleyara Gumpu has been started to take up many social activities. 

At the function, seer Dr. Shanthaveera Swamiji was open in his criticism, mainly attacking the title of Dwarakish's current film Vishnuvardhana. "People in society should not go down in their prestige. Names can be kept by anyone. For personal gains, no one should fight," said the Swamiji.

He added, "Dwarkish is Sahasa Dheera. I wonder why no one has given doctorates to Dwarakish, since honours should come in search of 'Rathnas' like Dwarakish. Let his golden jubilee service to Kannada cinema become a big event in districts and also in New Delhi."

Sri Koladha Mata has helped many stalwarts of Kannada cinema industry, including Dr. Rajkumar.