Baahubali was and is considered the rockstar of box office collections! Why stop there? The movie has gone great lengths in breaking records and setting new ones! Baahubali 2 alone holds upto 7 records till date. 

There were reports that at the time of its release there were 1 billion tickets sold every 12 seconds! That, people, is the father ofall records! But more than 4 months after the film released, it made its TV premiere right before Diwali, and guess what? A new record there!

Baahubali 2 has set yet another massive, potentially unbeatable record. When it aired on TV recently on Sony Max, it received a TVR (TV Rating point) of 22.7. This means that about 22.7% of the base population subscribers watched the movie, which roughly translates to a whopping 2.6 Crore people!