Is Vinay gay or straight?

Is Vinay gay or straight? Well, we will know that this Friday. Straight, starring Vinay Pathak and Gul Panag in the lead roles, is all set to hit�screens on March 20th. Directed by Parvaty Balagopalan, the movie portrays a socially-shy Vinay Pathak who suffers from many complexes – the special one being that he is still a 'virgin'. A rather funny story, Straight narrates how Pinu (Vinay Pathak) struggles with himself, his fears and his complexes and finally comes out as a 'straight' and upbeat guy.

The director did not shy away from shooting a kiss scene of the lead pair in this hilarious love story. However, it is reported that Pinu (Vinay) was in jitters (like his on screen character), fearing that Gul may complain of his bad breath in front of the unit. In preparation for the scene, Vinay did not smoke for two days and used loads of mouth freshener peroidically. His jitters became pointless when the scene was over and Gul commented that it was her best screen kiss ever. Gul has indeed made Vinay come out of his kissing jitters off screen as she does it with Pinu on screen. Hope the movie gets straight ahead of its peers in the box office.