Every man, woman and child in India has uttered the name of this movie atleast once in their lifetime. This epic saga has given an identity to India among the world cinema enthusiasts. Breaking everiyrecord in its own way and setting new ones, the Baahubali franchise was a complete package to cinema lovers.

In the movie, Rana and Prabhas were pitted against each other, and the duo gave each other a tough time. While the kingdom wanted one brother as their king, all they got was another. The story line revolves around Amarendra Baahubali and his cousin, Bhallaldev (Palvaldevan in Tamil). It is a story of love, hatred, loyalty, revenge and what not. 

But the actors in real life seem to have a very different story going on. We do know that Rana and Prabhas are good friends, off screen. But how goofy and adorable is their friendship? Well, we'll let Rana tell you!