Shah Rukh Khan (Bauua Singh) is a short man. He falls in love with Anushka Sharma (Aafia), a NASA scientist affected by cerebral palsy. SRK also gets a chance to meet his favorite star Katrina Kaif (Babita Kumari). What happens in his life after the meeting forms the remaining story.

Shah Rukh Khan needs some real guts to play as a short man, he has convincingly played it with the help of the VFX team, his performance is also good. Anushka Sharma picks up a physically challenging role and finishes off her work in style, her dialogue delivery accelerates her acting. Katrina Kaif strikes with her beauty, she has given a strong performance as a cinema star with a personal problem.

The characters are interesting if they are picked up from the pile, but the thread is extremely thin and weak. Also, there is no pattern or consistency the storytelling, just like the characters in the movie, the flow tends to do whatever it wants at any time. The new idea additions as the flow proceeds are one of the big mistakes conceived.

The songs are flat and there is no bright track in the album. The background music could not help the scenes to boost up the quality as the situations were extremely dull and dusty. The cinematography is neat and the required amount of work has been provided.

The film is unimaginably sluggish and the editor alone can’t be blamed for this fact, but still, there are many scenes which could have been scissored. VFX used to show SRK as a short man is acceptable in most of the places, there is a tiny glitch in one or two places.

The script is disappointing, even the base plot lacks clarity. The story is filled with a lot of confusions and the spark is completely missing. The screenplay struggles to move as the situations are weak, nowhere the movie engages even to a small extent. Random elements keep coming without any logic and it feels that the audience is absolutely taken for granted.

The duration of 165 minutes feels like a lifetime as the progression has nothing interesting to offer. And, there are some cameos which just come and go for namesake. The fantasy element comes into place at a clueless spot. The space idea at the end just infuriates the tension.