Shahid turns Santa Claus

It's not yet December and Shahid is already in the Santa Claus mood. For the past few days, he has been distributing gifts to all his close staff members. The list began with his man Friday. Shahid gifted him a digital camera.

An avid photographer, Shahid possesses a high-end camera himself. His man Friday liked his camera and wanted something similar to it. When Shahid presented him a digital camera, he was completely astonished and touched by Shahid's thoughtfulness.

According to Shahid, this was the least he could have done for his Man Friday as he always looked upon him as a father figure.

Sources also said that Shahid had also left one of his spot boys surprised by gifting him a mobile phone; his cook was completely taken aback on receiving a sponsored holiday tour.

Last but not least, it was the turn of his secretary who always praised Shahid's clothes, so Shahid took him on a shopping spree and asked him to buy whatever he liked. Luckily, in spite of three big hits like Vivah, Jab We Met and Kismet Konnection, apna Shahid is still level-headed.