The 'Disco Dancer', Mithun Chakroborty, who plays a godman in Akshay Kumar's OMG Oh My God, says the film is for god-fearing people.

Mithun who is a part of the film, says he has learnt that, most of us worship god because we fear him. He says, that the film delivers a message to the audience, saying that we must pray to god, if we whole-heartedly love and believe in him because only then god will help us with all the problems, we face.

With all the hype, the film did face some issues, as to hurting the religious sentiments. There was also a complaint filed against the casts and producer, in Jalandhar, with regards to this.

Contradicting to this issue, director Umesh Shukla says, that the film was never made, with the intention to hurt any sentiments, of any religion. The main message of the film, is to look for god within our self.

Along with produced by Akshay Kumar, this light-hearted comedy film, also stars Paresh Rawal and is scheduled for release on September 28.