Delhi: The Delhi police again used violence to break up a march organised by the students of Jamia Milia Islamia and the incident has ganrened widespread criticism within hours. The police were accused of hitting women students in their private parts, and of using a 'mysterious' chemical that made protestors faint immidiately. The incident has drawn flak from all over. The students themselves and the protestors of Shaheen Bagh have called for a silent protest condemning police action.

TN Prathapan, the Congress member from Thrissur, filed an adjournment motion, in which he accused the Delhi Police of acting as SanghParivar's goons. Sources say that the sutdents of Jamia Milia had organised a march to the parliament, which was apprehended by the police near the Holy Family hospital. Witnesses and victims took to the social media over the fact that the Delhi police were aiming at the students' private parts and trying to tear up women's clothes.

The Telegraph later confirmed that the Delhi Police used some kind of a chemical that made students faint or develop respiratory issues. While over 10 girls were taken to the Holy Family hospital with blunt injuries to private parts and internal injuries, some had to be taken to Al Shifa hospital for intensive care. One of the patients suffering from the effects of the chemical spray had to be shifted to the ICU with repsiratory issues.

The Delhi High COurt on Tuesday issued a notice to Centre, Delhi Government and Delhi Police, on a plea filed by the Jamia student who had lost an eye earlier around a couple of months ago. He was seeking compensation and registration of FIR against police personnel. Meanwhile, a release from the Delhi Police states that they are registering a case against anti-CAA portesters for "having turned violent". The statement said: "The Delhi Police showed a lot of patience in handling the aggressive Jamia students near Holy Family Hospital where they were forcing their way through the police barricades and trying to march to Parliament without permission... A case is being registered against the violent crowd under relevant provisions of law."