Chennai: 40 bonded labourers, including 13 children were rescued from a brick kiln in Tiruvallur district on Wednesday. the action was taken based on a directive from the National Human Rights Commission.

Sources said that a team of officials led by RDO C Vidhya had undertaken the trip to the village based on the communication from NHRC and had conducted inquiries. They found that the workers of a brick kiln in Athipedu were bonded labourers who were denied education and healthcare by their employer. 

The labourers, who originally came from Villupuram, had reportedly taken an advance payment under Rs. 20,000 each. Each family reportedly was paid Rs. 500 per week and all, including children, worked from morning to night. In all, there were 13 families. The rescued labourers will be rehabilitated and allowed assistance, said the authorities. Inquiries were on.