One of the most swashbuckling allrounders of his time - Shahid Afridi has often gotten into trouble, because of his uncalled for comments! He is often referred to as controversy's favourite child for invariably getting into some sort of trouble, both on and off the field! Recently, this talented cricketer hit the headlines for having contracted COVID-19, during his many charity efforts for COVID affected people, in Pakistan! In recent times, Shahid Afridi has been talking out against India a lot and attracting the ire of netizens from India on a number of occasions! Recently, Afridi conducted an #AskAfridi session for his followers on Twitter and he made scathing remarks against India, on it!

During the session, a follower asked the 40-year-old Afridi, the reason behind his poor performances against India in World Cups! The follower had also mentioned his statistics - 56 runs in 5 matches against India with only 1 solo wicket to his credit. While people expected him to come up with a modest reply, mirroring his stats, Afridi gave everyone a shock with a statement that India were "lucky"! His reply to this question read, "I think Indian team was lucky :)" ! India and Pakistan have played each other in 7 matches in ODI cricket and India have emerged victorious at all times and Shahid Afridi has actually played in 4 of these matches, returning scores of 6, 9, 19 and 22! 

Shahid Afridi has also played in 3 T20I World Cup matches against India and Pakistan lost all these 3 games too! Afridi's response invited a lot of trolling and netizens have been going at him with memes trolls ever since! Afridi has performed well against India on a number of occasions but never in World Cup matches. Recently, he had stoked another controversy when he stated that Pakistan has thrashed India on so many occasions that the Indian players would ask the Pakistani players for forgiveness after these matches! This too attracted a lot of ire from not just Indians but supporters of the Indian Cricket Team, from the world over!