India is facing a number of current issues including the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic, border issues with three of our neighbouring nations and a whole lot of other natural calamities. In this situation, yesterday evening it was announced that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be addressing the nation today and as promised, he addressed the nation via live video, at 4:00 pm! This is his 6th address to the country, ever since the outbreak of the COVID Pandemic! In his latest speech, the PM touched upon a number of topics including the current COVID status in the country, the efforts of the government in containing the spread, the relief efforts undertaken by the government and the precautionary measures that need to be followed by all the people!

Narendra Modi mentioned that the fatalities due to the deadly corona virus has been less and contained in our country, mainly due to the timely implementation of the nation-wide lockdown! He however, added that people have now started becoming careless during the unlock times and that some people who have not been following the guidelines strictly are the reason for high COVID numbers in some places. He also warned that with the Monsoon season coming soon, health issues like cold, fever and cough might increase and the people have to be extra careful during these times. Modi added that nobody is higher than the law and everybody have to follow the precautionary guidelines strictly, as it concerns the life of 130 Crore people. The PM also mentioned that ensuring the poor people did not starve was the biggest challenge during the lockdown and that special measures were brought in to take care of that. He revealed that in the past 3 months alone, over Rs. 31,000 crores have been deposited directly into the bank accounts of over 20,000 poor people's families, as relief amount as well as Rs. 18,000 Crores into the accounts of over 9 Crore poor farmers. The relief measures included providing free ration products to over 80 Crore people, in the last 3 months. 

Our PM also mentioned that the free ration scheme under the PM Garib Kalyan Yojan would be extended till the month of November, keeping in mind the upcoming festival season and each member of the family will be given 5 Kgs Wheat or Rice along with 1 Kg dhal for the family, under this scheme. This scheme would incur an expense of Rs. 90,000 Crores for the next 5 months, taking the total expenditure to Rs. 1.5 lakh crores for the total 8 months. He also mentioned that the "One Nation - One Ration Card" scheme would come into effect soon and that this would help migrant workers who travel to other places for work! Modi revealed that the farmers and the honest tax payers were the biggest backbone of our nation and it was their efforts which allowed the government to help everybody during these lockdown times! The PM thanked all the farmers and honest tax payers on behalf of all the poor people of India, for helping provide them with food, during these tough times. He also mentioned that economic activities should be revived with proper precautionary measures and that all Indians should come forward to encourage only "Made In India" products to envision a self-reliant India! 

Narendra Modi ended his speech by once again requesting all Indians to follow social distancing, self hygiene and all precautionary guidelines given by healthcare professions to remain safe from the COVID virus!