Delhi: The protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act and the supporters of the Act have both been taking out rallies and conducting demonstrations throughout the nation, leading to a situation of unrest for over two weeks now. Both sides have also been garnering support online through social media platforms, most notedly Twitter. Both CAA supporters and protesters now have a number to missed call to register solidarity. To the bemusement of many, both sides on Saturday floated a phone number to register solidarity. One could leave a missed call to protest or support CAA now.


Early on Saturday morning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi began the fiasco by posting a phone number and asking the supporters of the CAA to give a miscall on that number to register support. Twitterati then accused the 'BJP troll army' of spreading the phone number under several fake messages as girls seeking relationships or advertising mass job drives. 

Netflix hilariously responded to one such attempt and the CAA protesters have been expressing glee over this. The Netflix India handle tagged the account of a man who tweeted the ' support CAA' phone number with the message " Want free Netflix subscription for 6 months? Call 8866288662 and get Username and Password" and replied, " This is absolutely fake. If you want free Netflix please use someone else's account like the rest of us." Twitter has been cracking up ever since.





By the turn of the afternoon, another number and hashtag had appeared on twitter: the number 9953588585 trending under the hashtag #99535_88585_AgainstCAA. It was ranked third on Twitter India trends all afternoon. Attempts to call the number have proved that the number is indeed being dialed several times, as the number was said to be busy multiple times. It is unclear as to who has floated the 'protest CAA' number.