A woman named Chanchal Chaudhary in Uttar Pradesh's Meerut had been on a mission to find the whereabouts of her friend, Priya Chaudhary and her 10-year-old daughter, after she had gone missing, but was in for the shock of her life after the two were found dead buried beneath the floor of a house. 

Priya, a 32-year-old single mother, had allegedly been killed by her lover, Amit Gujjar, whom she befriended on Facebook, who was later revealed to have faked his identity, and in reality is called Shamshad. 

Chanchal's complaint at Meerut's Partapur police station was not taken seriously back in April when it was filed. However, an FIR was ordered into the case after she approached the Meerut SSP on July 14. Based on the complaint received, the police launched a raid on Shamshad's house on Wednesday, where they exhumed two bodies from beneath the drawing room floor, which was plastered not long back. 

The search is on for the accused Shamshad, whose whereabouts are unknown and is currently absconding. Chanchal's testimony and Shamshad's statements recorded earlier this week are being looked into by the police. It is being reported that the twin murders had taken place nearly four months back on March 28 this year. 

As per police reports, Priya was a divorcee living with her daughter in a rented house in Modinagar and was running a beauty parlour. Around 2015, she got acquainted with Amit Gujjar on Facebook and the two had fallen in love. Sometime in 2018, Priya had confided in Chanchal, who was the daughter of her then landlord that she liked Amit and that she was going to move in with him. 

Although she was told that Amit was working as a book binder, Priya later found out that he had lied about his identity and that his real name was Shamshad. After this, their relationship is said to have gotten strained after which Priya would often speak with Chanchal about what was happening. The biggest shock had come earlier this year when Priya had learnt that Shamshad had already been married and had sold off a flat that Priya owned without her knowledge or consultation. 

Officials state the couple had a heated argument on March 28 after which Shamshad strangled Priya and then proceeded to kill her daughter in a similar manner. Chanchal had begun calling Shamshad when Priya stopped answering her calls after which her phone was switched off all of a sudden. In response, Shamshad told Chanchal that Priya had left. Soon after, Chanchal launched a search on her own for Priya. 

According to reports, Meerut SSP has said that Shamshad was questioned on several occasions before, but was not arrested since the allegations were not proven. A detailed investigation along with Chanchal's statements is said to have encouraged the police to visit Shamshad's house where the bodies of Priya and her daughter were found. The police are searching for the accused at present.