Jealousy is one of the major causes of most evil! A person consumed & blinded by jealousy can go to any extremes and we have come across many reports of horrific incidents which have stemmed from jealousy! Now, one such incident from India's Madhya Pradesh has come to light! A man is said to have murdered his 44-year-old mother, for allegedly loving his elder brother more than him! The elder brother is said to have passed away last year, after which the mother seems to have been very badly affected mentally! Thinking about her lost son often and crying about it has lead the younger son to become angry and take out his anger by killing his mother!

The accused, a 24-year-old man, slit the throat of his 44-year-old mother at Khatika village in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh, a couple of days back! He is even said to have recorded a video of his gory act, on his mobile phone! The dead woman has been identified as Savitri Pandey and the Police were informed of her murder by her husband Kripashankar Pandey, who had registered a complaint that somebody had murdered his wife using a sharp weapon and dumped her body in a nearby jungle region. The Police registered his complaint and immediately began an investigation, which revealed that the victim's elder son had passed away last year, leaving her completely shattered and making her mental health deteriorate!

The accused - Dhirendra Pandey, who was jobless, used to constantly quarrel with his wife, mother and father, for very trivial issues. He is also said to have threatened to kill Savitri a number of times before, for loving her elder son more than him. The Police came to know of this and picked up Dhirendra from his house for investigation and he is said to have confessed to killing Savitri. A mobile phone recovered from him showed that he had also recorded a video of his slitting his mother's throat and she is seen crying and writhing in pain. Dhirendra has been booked for murder under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code.