Irrespective of the field and industry, employees and employers have for long had differences of opinions on a number of things. One of the major points of contention, apart from the wages and salary, is the concept of leave. The habit of employees lying to get leaves and employers rejecting the leave applications at times even for genuine requests, has been something that we have all come across at some point of time or the other, in our lives. However, an incident today has shown that even something as simple as asking for leave from an employer could result in a near death experience!

An incident has happened in Qatar, where a 35-year-old welder, who approached his employer asking for leave, was shot by his employer. Haider Ali (35), is from Bihar and he had reportedly approached his employer on October 29th, asking him to reconsider the leave he had applied for, to visit his family. The details of what transpired between the two is not clear as yet but reports state that at some point of time, the empployer became enraged enought to pull out a gun and shoot Haider Ali point-blank in his face. Luckily for Ali, the bullet tore through his forehead and his life was spared. Currently, Haider Ali is receiving treatment at the Hamad General Hospital in Doha, Qatar's capital. 

Reports state that the culprit is still missing and that a search is on for him. Haider Ali had been working as a welder for the past 6 years and had not visited his family in Bihar, since 2018. He was scheduled to visit them on October 30 and had even spoken to his family, telling them that he would be home the next day. However, when his employer did not grant leave, he had visited him, asking to reconsider his leave application, when this shocking incident happened. Dhiraj Kumar, from the ASO Community and Welfare at the Indian Embassy in Qatar, says, "Yes, we are aware of the unfortunate incident and are in regular touch with Ali's family in India." Haider Ali's father, a heart patient, had supposedly collapsed when he came to know of this news.