The day has not turned out to be a good one so far for a number of Gmail users worldwide. The popular email service has been struggling with an outage on Thursday with users from various parts of the world reporting problems about not being able to send or receive emails, including files not getting attached and uploaded on Google Drive. Furthermore, some users have raised complaints in regard to working with Google Docs and Google Meet. Google has been working on the issue and is investing the reason for the outage with hardly any Google services currently left up-and-running. 

Google has issued a statement confirming the issue, but is yet to state as to how long it will take to resolve the problems, which has caused problems for thousands who are currently working and studying from home. Taking to its G Suite status page, Google has flagged a number of issues with its web apps and services, stating, We are continuing to investigate this issue. We will provide an update by 8/20/20, 3:08 PM (Indian Standard Time) detailing when we expect to resolve the problem."

The Californian firm has stated the problems are related to "Gmail sending issues, Meet recording issues, Creating files issues in Drive, CSV user upload issues in Admin Console, Posting message issues in Google Chat, Sites adding new pages issues, Keep issues, Voicemail issues."

Independent website DownDetector has tracked the outage of Google's web apps and online services while also following the mentions on social media and has stated that thousands of Gmail users around the world are struggling to either access their emails or send and attach files. Twitter and other social networking forums have been trending with complaints about users' struggling with their Gmail accounts. 

Considering the coronavirus pandemic crisis has pushed a majority of employees and students to work and study from home, the outage with Gmail has brought a lot of frustration for many, who are dependent on its applications and services. Until Google fixes the issue, there’s hardly anything left to do, but to wait for them to come up with a resolution. 

Below are some of the user reactions on Twitter on Gmail going down: