A group of girls hiking through Mexico's Chipinque Ecological Park and encountering a black bear in their path had been captured on video, which has since gone viral online. The bear is seen coming close to the girls, nudging them, sniffing them and trying to inspect them with its hands while perching on its two feet. 

The footage in the video shows a woman standing still as the bear approachers her while two other girls also stop by at their spots. The animal rises on its hinds legs to sniff the woman's head, who manages to remain calm, but also accomplish lifting her mobile phone to turn the camera on and click a selfie with the bear. The animal then leaves the woman, but stays right there and tries to paw her continuously while also making an attempt to bite her leg. However, the bear loses interest and eventually decides to walk away from the girls. 

The video, which was shared online, had received a tremendous response, with many lauding the girls for maintaining their calm and composure in the presence of a wild animal. Former NBA player Rex Chapman re-posted the video on his Twitter page after it had been shared by several people. Although some people noted that the bear to be tame and less aggressive, but instead curious, a few others regarded the situation to still be quite dangerous. 

Reports state the Chipinque Ecological Park has seen black bears approaching humans on several occasions in the past. Last November, a video of a bear stroking a woman's hair after sneaking up behind drew a huge reaction online. In comparison to the grizzly bears, American black bears are said to be less aggressive, the Bear Smart Society has stated. They are rarely known to attack people and dwell near human settlements. 

Watch the videos below: