A shocking incident has come to light after visuals from a CCTV revealed a violent attack on a journalist, who was shot at in Ghaziabad near Delhi on Monday night at around 10.30PM. The attack was carried out on a journalist named Vikram Joshi in Uttar Pradesh as he was traveling on a motorbike with his two daughters. A group of men had cornered his vehicle and began assaulting him while also firing at him at close range. The journalist was rushed to a private hospital in the city for bullet injury and is said to be in a critical condition right now. 

The police have since arrested five persons related to the brutal assault including the main accused and, it has been revealed that they were known to Mr. Joshi's family. The attack was carried out in the Vijay Nagar area of Ghaziabad, showing Mr Joshi riding a bike with his two daughters. 

In the CCTV footage, we see the bike being forced to the side of the road, when a group of men cornered them and began pulling the rider and assaulting him. The visuals also show Mr Joshi's two daughters running away as soon as the bike falls to the ground while the attackers drag him towards a car and begin attacking him violently. Although the journalist getting shot in the footage is not shown clearly, they evade the spot within moments after they launched their attack. 

The video then goes on to show Mr Joshi's elder daughter rushing to his side and crying helplessing and screaming for help. She is seen kneeling next to her father on the road while making attempts to people passing by to stop and help her. Moments later, a few people are seen running towards her and her father after which he is taken to the hospital. 

Senior police officer Kalanidhi Naithani in a statement said, "Five accused have been arrested in connection with the case in which a journalist was shot at by unknown persons in Vijay Nagar. Joshi's brother informed us that he was attacked while returning from his sister's place yesterday,".

Vikram Joshi's brother Aniket Joshi speaking to news agency ANI said a case had been filed at the Vijay Nagar police station recently in which he alleged a few men misbehaved with the UP journalist's niece. Although a case was lodged in connection with the complaint then, no arrests were made.

The video of the journalist getting attacked has been shared extensively on social media and can be watched on Twitter in the tweet below: