The COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic outbreak has literally changed the way we go about our everyday lives! It has become mandatory for everybody stepping out of their houses to wear a face mask as well as use hand sanitisers regularly. The need to maintain social distancing has also become very important! However, how is it possible to follow all these precautions while indulging in love making? It looks like the Corona Virus will be bringing about a change in that too! Researchers from Harvard University have conducted a study and the results of the study state that wearing face masks while indulging in sex makes the act safer for those involved! 

Face mask during sex safer says study

The study states that face masks are mandatory when somebody indulges in sex with somebody they are not together with, in quarantine! The study also asks people to avoid kissing and most importantly any bodily exchange of fluids. It further asks people indulging in sex to take a bath before and afterwards and clean their private regions with alcohol-based wipes or soap. While indulging in sexual activities with those you are together with in quarantine is safer, it also poses a risk if either person travels outside for any errands. The researchers conclude by telling that staying apart and not indulging in sex is the safest of all options and even advocate masturbation instead of sex. Well, we guess it is better to be safe than sorry! Take care folks!