Times are definitely difficult for people all over the world. The devastation brought on by the deadly COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus is still affecting many countries with no proper vaccine or medicine yet found for it. All this notwithstanding, Afghanistan seems to be at the receiving end of a natural calamity too! Sudden flash floods in the Parwan Province of northern Afghanistan, has left the area completely ravaged. Reports state that the flooding happened due to the torrential rains that have been pouring non-stop and first hit the city of Charikar, early on Wednesday morning. Since most people were asleep, they were caught unaware. Government sources claim that over a 100 people might have lost their lives in this flash flooding. 

Afghanistan's Disaster Management Ministry has also stated that many hundreds of people have been injured and over 500 houses have been destroyed by this flash flooding. These numbers are being updated as the rescue workers are continuing to search through the rubble of damaged buildings for survivors or atleast bodies of the missing persons. An official has stated to the media on condition of anonymity, that the death toll is likely to increase. Fazludin Ayar - the Governor of Parwan Province has stated, "we could have hundreds of people killed." Some reports state that there were a sizeable number of children, among the victims. As many people are pulling out the bodies of victims from the rubble, quite a few people have reported members of their families to be missing and the search for them is also happening.

Talking about the moment the flood hit, a 70-year-old resident of the area has been stated as quoting, "I grabbed the window and was holding it for two hours until the neighbours came to rescue me!" She also added that she had lost everything she had ever owned, in the flood. Residents of Charikar have been sorting through the rubble in hopes of finding missing people and in some cases, their belongings which they can still use. The Afghani President Ashraf Ghani has ordered emergency assistance to be given to the victims, as revealed in a statement from the Presidential Palace. Several other provinces have also reported flash floods. Earlier this month, a flash flood in the Eastern Province of Nangarhar claimed the lives of 16 people, most of whom were children. We pray for the victims and hope some normalcy is restored in the flood hit areas, soon!