Andhra Pradesh police suspended an inspector in Srikakulam district on Wednesday after allegations of him kicking and slapping a villager. A video of the incident went viral on social media showing the villager who went to the police station on Tuesday to file a complaint about a dispute over distribution of house sites. 

In the video, inspector C. Venugopal of the Palasa-Kasigbugga town police station, was see kicking Marri Jagan from Tekkalipatnam village of Palasa block on his stomach, while also slapping him on a couple of occasions. The footage drew instant outrage and led to protests from opposition parties and local Scheduled Caste organisations. 

Opposition leader N Chandrababu Naidu tweeted the video condemning the attack saying, "Shocking! Under orders from YSRCP Leaders, a Dalit man who went to lodge a complaint at the Police Station in Palasa, Srikakulam, was kicked & slapped by police even as his mother wailed & tried protecting her son. When will this YSRCP sponsored brutality & madness stop in AP?"

An inquiry has since been ordered into the incident upon instructions from the Andhra Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Dharmana Krishna Das, District Superintendent of Police Amit Bardar and Deputy Inspector General L K V Ranga Rao, with action being taken against the police inspector. Addressing reporters later, DSP Amit Barder said an inquiry is underway and the inspector Venugopal has been placed under suspension. He also apologized to the victim's family on behalf of the state police department and assured no such untoward incident shall make a recurrence again. 

The Andhra Pradesh police Twitter issued a statement in this regard tweeting, "An incident was reported regarding Police behaviour with Youth in Srikakulam Dist. Inspector Kasibugga has been suspended for his highhanded #behaviour. An enquiry has also been ordered to go into the facts. Such behaviour cannot be tolerated within #APPolice & @POLICESRIKAKULM,".

In a statement, the police said Marri Jagan's family had been involved in a land patta dispute with a few others in their village. He and his mother had gone to the Kasibugga police station on Tuesday to file a complaint when the inspector turned angry suddenly and in response kicked and slapped him repeatedly. He was rescued by his mother who intervened and took him away.